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Best Beaches in the Caribbean

The image of a white sand beach shaded by swaying palm trees sustains many of us during long cold winters. For those of you are fans of “Top Ten” lists, we have put together a...


3 St. John Golf Excursions for Island Hoppers

St. John golf options may not be what you expected, but updating your itinerary adds a touch of excitement (and greenery) to your vacation. St. John holds so much allure for travelers who love the great...


Our Favorite Romantic Virgin Islands Honeymoon Ideas

With several different islands to choose from, a Virgin Islands honeymoon is an ideal choice for all types of newlyweds looking for a little romance Planning a wedding can be a lot of work, from...

Villa Infinity WIMCO St. Thomas

Just Back From: The Virgin Islands

Incredible vistas, adventurous day trips, and sultry vibes – we sat down with Villa Specialist Michael Chisholm to hear about St. Thomas, St. John, Tortola and Virgin Gorda. Tell us about your trip down to the Virgin Islands....


Settle Down for a Romantic Stay on St. John

  Let the trade winds take you away on a romantic trip to the Virgin Islands. Bask in the sunshine on St. John and enjoy the lush beauty of the island. Stay at Villa MAS...


It Must Be Kismet to Discover this St. John Villa

The golden rays of the sun drip into the ocean as it descends behind the horizon, kissing the shimmering water before disappearing, leaving behind an orange glow before giving way to the navy of the...


Take a Winter Break to St. John’s Delfina

Splashing around the swimming pool in the middle of winter is the only way to spend another perfect day on St. John. Idyllic nature preserves spread out around you and Peter Bay meets the Caribbean...


Escape “Into the Mystic” for the New Year

Small and less developed than many of its Caribbean counterparts, St. John is a lush green island that invites guests who are looking for an escape to paradise. Hike the green hillsides of the island’s...

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